Home For The Holidays With Hestan Cue


A few years ago I was at the Kitchen and Bath Show, and visited the Hestan Booth. They were introducing their Hestan Cue - a precision cooking system where an induction burner syncs with your smart device (iPad, phone, etc) to walk you through cooking perfectly cooked meals. They were making crepes in the booth, and they truly were perfection. I've always wanted one, and with all of us spending a lot more time at home, this seemed like the time to invest.

It truly is cooking for the timid - they make it so easy, and it feels like you have a world-class chef in your kitchen helping you. After doing some math, I realized if I cook 25 dishes at home using this and not only eat better, I can save enough to pay for the Cue. 

My first try was a French omelet. The key to making one of these is using a lower temperature and these are thinner and rolled at the end. Usually, these are tough because it's hard to keep the temperature consistent.

Ingredients were eggs, butter, salt, and pepper. Cost of supplies was under $1 including using Kerry Gold butter and cheese - my favorites! 

The result wasn't pretty (my fault - I used too much cheese and butter - not needed with the Cue) bur it was sooo good!

I'm going to try asparagus this afternoon, and work on some recipes for Thanksgiving.

We love this great device, and you can purchase on our Amazon Influencer page or here.

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