What To Do With Those Empty Wine Bottles

I have a very bad habit of saving a lovely bottle of wine longer than I should. Instead of enjoying it, I think I'll save it for the next big occassion, and I miss that window of opportunity when it is at it's best.

This brunch dish looked delicious at FLX Table - next time I'll be making reservations in advance!
One of the best things I did this year was volunteer for the TEXSOM International Wine Awards
 and not only learned a lot, I met some amazing people including Christopher Bates, MS who owns some of the hardest to get in restaurants in the New York State Finger Lakes region and was one fo their esteemed judges. I couldn't get in to FLX Table, but fortunately the FLX Weinery had take out so I was able to enjoy some of the best italian sausage and Poutine that I have ever had, And then there was the fresh rhubarb milkshake... made the trip!

This may be one of the only hot dog stands that you'll visit where the parking lot of full of limos - it's that good. They also have a wine list that most restaurants would be envious of, and when I was checking it out I noticed these empty bottles. Most were signed or had an occassion written on them. What a great way to enjoy a great evening or a memorable bottle of wine - from now on I'm going to enjoy my wine collection and display those special, empty bottles with pride afterwards.

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